Jake’s Sunday Post: Perspective

This week, Jake has asked us for photos showing ‘Perspective’, and has created some amazing graphics to illustrate what he means.

Here are my pics, which I hope meet the requirements. This first one was taken at Sea World in San Diego.


Here is my eldest grandson pretending that he is a racing driver in this AC Cobra Replica at Monte Casino in Johannesburg.


I’m somewhat dwarfed here, by this huge Valentines flower arrangement.


I love the perspective of this pic taken on board our boat in Punta Cana.


Lastly, here’s one some of you may have seen before,  but I think it definitely fits the challenge. Donald Trump’s penthouse is on the 68th floor of this amazing skyscraper on 5th Avenue NYC.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Movement.  How do you show movement in your photos? This photo choice is a very deliberate show of movement through the camera lens and the blurring lights, but how else can you show movement of objects, or of the action that’s happening in your picture? 

Share a picture that means MOVEMENT to you!

I decided to share this “movement” photo for the challenge.

Here is the Orca (Killer Whale) which we saw at Sea World in San Diego. These amazing creatures can jump 10-15 metres into the air.