Ailsa has requested ‘Spooky’ posts for her travel theme this week, and I think I can oblige and probably scare the pants off you all. Actually, that thought is also quite scary. 😆

In South Africa, Halloween has never been a big thing, but a couple of years ago, we happened to be in New Jersey at our son’s house. I was amazed to see how people had really gone to town, decorating their porches and gardens. Some of them were ghoulish in the extreme, and very spooky indeed.

We were invited to a friend’s house, from where the children were going out “trick or treating.” The house was in almost total darkness when we arrived, and I could make out the shapes of black mice and spiders on the staircase.

My granddaughter Sienna was only four at the time, and so excited to go out with her bigger friends, collecting candy, but granddad soon had to bring her back to the house, because she was too scared to go up the garden paths, and can you blame her?

The older kids had done this before, and weren’t at all phased by the horrors they saw. The promise of sweeties was so much stronger than fear.

They did really well, and soon filled up their baskets. Sienna got her share when they arrived back with their booty, and we all had a great party.

Now for something completely different, and unrelated to Halloween. The eeriest place I’ve ever been in, was at Graceland. Walking around the late Elvis’s home, we suddenly found ourselves out of the bright lights of his ‘Hall of Fame’, as we stepped into these very dimly lit rooms. I think this was his bedroom,

and sitting room. All the blinds were closed, and in the very subdued lighting, and with his music softly playing, I could almost imagine that his ghost was in there with me. It really gave me goosebumps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my spooky pics. If you’re feeling brave, and want to see more entries for the challenge, just head over to Ailsa’s post.