Jake’s Sunday Post theme “Pet.” Man saves his best friend.

Jake’s Sunday Post theme, ‘Pet’, reminded me of a story I saw on Sky News in February of this year. This incident really illustrated to me what true love for your pet can lead you to do. I believe that when you are in love with someone, you will do anything for them, and go to any lengths to be with them. If they are in danger, you will even risk your life to save them, which is exactly what this man did one bitterly cold Sunday morning in England. His dog had got itself stranded out on the ice-covered River Stour, so without a thought for his own safety, and with no hesitation, this foolhardy man stripped right down to his underpants and crawled inch by inch across the ice to save his beloved pet.

Miraculously he managed to reach his best friend, just as he himself tumbled into the icy water. Thankfully, they both managed to clamber to safety, whereupon this hero calmly got dressed again, and they continued on their walk. The incident was captured on camera by another dog walker, who found it hard to believe what he was seeing. This may seem like a foolish act of bravery, but it just goes to prove that when a loved one is in danger, be that a person or a pet, we are likely to throw all caution to the four winds and just do whatever is necessary to save them. I think it’s such a wonderful story, and am so glad it had a happy ending.

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.