This is NOT Florida weather.

And “POOF!” just like that, I was whisked out of my lovely warm life in Florida, and deposited at Heathrow airport in freezing temperatures, and with gloomy grey skies overhead.


After picking up the rental car, we set off on our way to hubby’s mom, who some of you may remember, will be turning 100 in August. It started snowing, and the outside temperature was registering -1 degrees centigrade.

We drove through several pretty old villages on the way, and past umpteen ‘Olde English’ pubs, which are more numerous than even the churches.


The winding country roads seemed unending,


but, after an hour’s drive we finally arrived, and by now the snow was coming down quite fast.


Mom-in-law was so pleased to see us, but unfortunately was feeling a bit under the weather, so hubby promptly took her off to see the doctor, who diagnosed bronchitis, and prescribed medication which we hope will work very quickly.

Her garden is always so pretty, and even in winter it still looks like a fairy tale scene. The little black cats and fairies on the lawn, seem to be immune to the cold, and stay outside in all weathers. 😉


The front garden even had a couple of brave daffodils poking through the hard ground. Can you spot them?


Tomorrow evening, we’re going to the theatre to see a production of Coppelia, as some of sister-in-law’s ballet students are performing in it. I’ll try to get some photos, if it’s allowed.

Hubby tells me that with the wind chill, the current ‘real feel’ temperature is -12 degrees, with a 24 kph wind. Not my kind of weather at all. As I type this, my feet are like two ice blocks. I think I’ll wear socks in bed tonight. 🙄