Ed’s Sunday Stills: Creepy Things

Ed, “a truck driving photographer from Tennessee” has come up with ‘Creepy Things’ for this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge.

I guess there are quite a few things in this wide world that creep me out. Some of you might find it surprising, that I can’t bear to look at the garishly made-up faces of clowns. I know they are supposed to be great kids’ entertainment, but they have always really scared me. I also steer clear of those people dressed up in funny costumes, who wander around shopping malls, giving out lollipops and wanting to shake your hand, or worse still, give you a hug. Not so surprising, is the fact that I don’t enjoy seeing pics of body builders on steroids, especially female ones, and of course, large hairy spiders and those really obvious fake eyelashes that resemble spiders crawling out of the eyes, really freak me out.

I’m also not that keen on being greeted by this guy when I walk into my local pharmacy.


Placing a ghoulish figure next to the bread stand, is guaranteed to be very good for my waistline. 🙂


I know it will soon be Halloween, but wouldn’t this display in the front garden, keep even your best friends from visiting?


Maybe the people who live here are just plain mean, and are really trying to scare away those little Trick-or-Treaters. What do you think?


I hope my spooky pics haven’t frightened you away, and if you would also like to share yours, just go to Ed’s post.