Thursday’s Lingering Windows: Pretty, delicious, and strange.

This week, for Dawns window challenge, I have a few more windows to show you from my recent tour of France and Germany, but let’s start in England, where the window boxes and flower baskets, beautifully decorated this 19th century department store in the small town of Cranleigh.


This restaurant in Cologne has a really pretty window above the doorway.


Les Pâtisseries in Strasbourg had an amazing selection of cakes and cookies, and especially gingerbread men.


This tiny shop right next to La Petite France, also specialised in gingerbread of all shapes and flavours. I thought it looked very elegant, and in fact at first glance, I mistook it for an interior design store.


So many windows with temptingly delicious goodies on display; best to just take a pic and walk on. 🙂


Whilst on a walking tour in La Petite France, our guide showed us this strange sight. A house had been built right up against the windows of the adjacent house, obscuring the view.  Very odd indeed. I’m sure those neighbours can’t have been on very good terms with one another. I can’t imagine how the building regulations would allow this to happen, but maybe in the Middle Ages, there weren’t any.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my windows this week. To see more, go to Dawn’s ‘Thursday’s Lingering Windows’ post.


Thursday’s Pretty Windows in Germany and France.

For Dawn’s “Lingering Windows” challenge this week, here are a few more which I spotted recently in Germany.


Flowers were everywhere, and really prettied up this rather plain town hall,


as well as most of the houses.


This popular restaurant in Strasbourg was built as an a tannery in 1572. It became a restaurant in 1949, and was renovated for its fourth centenary in 1972.


This one was really nicely planted out, and now the windows aren’t very visible at all. 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed my pretty windows this week. To see more, just click here.