Oh I do love to be beside the seaside.

Hi again everyone. As I am somewhat technically challenged; something to do with my being blonde maybe, hubby kindly got the Monday seaside pics out of my iPhone, and here they are:

It was the most perfect day, and as we started out, the beach looked hardly populated at all. Just a few sunbathers, spread out at intervals.

In this photo you can just make out people paddling around in the rock pools.

So many little children playing in the sand, their fathers trying hard to look as though they were also enjoying making sand castles,

whilst the mothers, with their faces covered against the sun, pretended to be asleep, hoping to be left in peace. I know, ‘cos I’ve done it myself. Cool

As we got closer to the bathing area, where the lifeguards are on duty, we could see that many people had decided to turn out for some fun in the sun.


A veritable rash of red umbrellas, which I’ve never seen here before. They were obviously being hired out for the day and what a great idea. One could so easily get sunburned, as it was really warm and the sun was right overhead. Even so, we did see quite a few ‘lobsters’, who had obviously tried to get in a whole week’s sun tanning in only a couple of days, which never works. They looked to be in for a serious case of peeling skin over the next week or so.

Quite a new innovation, is this “luxury mobile spa” tent, in which one is, for a sizeable fee,



invited to lie in full view of the passersby, whilst being pummelled by a somewhat hefty-looking masseuse. I must say that the idea would never appeal to me, but people do very strange things whilst in holiday mode.¬†Laughing Can anyone tell me why this would be called ‘luxury’, as it’s just an open-sided tent with a few towels and a couple of camp beds?

Well, I went to see the eye guy again yesterday and he’s going to do my right eye next Tuesday. He said the surface of my eyes is looking very good, and he was able to do all the necessary measurements. He gave me permission to wear my contacts for a couple of hours a day if I need to, so at least I can play the piano this weekend. I feel quite relieved that the decision has been made, and the end is in sight. (Pun intended) Wink

Have a great day, everyone. Chat again soon