AD’s bumper family edition. ;)

Hi there again everyone. Well I’m back from “family leave,” which was a lovely and very special few days. Waiting at airport arrivals is always so exciting, and when we saw our son and the family suddenly appear around the corner, we shot out of our seats and hared along to meet them. The little ones were really pleased to see us again, and little Max was all smiles. It was hugs and kisses all round, and then off to get the hire car, and home. The girls loved their pretty room, and slept very well after such a long day.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny and we spent much of it by the pool. The children had so much fun in the water, and little S amazed us all by swimming properly for the first time, and doing somersaults and handstands on the bottom. On Friday, there was lots of entertainment for the children, including a hula hoop competition. Little S who is six years old, was very keen to enter, and did very well against the other contestants. They were giving out prizes of fun dollars, and she won quite a few of these in various competitions. We even won $100 bill, (enough to buy a tub of gelato at the restaurant), when we did a granny and granddaughter hula duo.

I think the guy was so amazed that this granny still had “the hula bones” as he called it, so he gave us the “Big money.” We ended up with enough ‘dollars’ to buy two tubs of gelato for the girls. Laughing

Little Max is such a cute and happy little guy, and just wandered around doing his own thing, picking up whatever he could find to play with.

Little T tired herself out so much, that at one point, the “sleeping beauty” spent some much needed snuggle time with her dad.

After lunch at the Oasis, there was a swimming competition in the lap pool, and little S was super keen to sign up for it. The first race was just one length, about 25 m, but instead of climbing out at the other end, she turned around and swam all the way back again. The organisers were most impressed. Not bad for such a small child who couldn’t swim until the day before.

She entered every race, including the Sombrero race. I think the hat was almost as big as she is, but she made it to the end.

I think she must have swum about ten lengths in all, and she was the youngest child by far.When it came to prize giving time, all the contestants lined up, and I could see her little face looking quite anxious, as she wondered whether she would get a prize.

Right at the end, she was awarded the first prize, a bag full of goodies, including enough chocolate to last for a whole year.

Sunday wasn’t such great weather, so we went to the local mall, where there’s a great indoor play area. This lady bug was a favourite with the two girls.

In the evening, we all went to the club for dinner, and then it was time for them all to leave again, and drive up to Disney where they will spend the next two days.
Hubby and I went to see a fantastic show, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow. When we got back home, the house seemed so empty and quiet. I actually had time to sit and do this blog. It’s going to feel very strange waking up tomorrow morning with only the two of us rattling around here, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty to occupy ourselves with, like cleaning all the little mouth and fingerprints off the mirrors and glass doors. They certainly do seem to hold a fascination for small children, don’t they. Smile

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.