Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Connections

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, is ‘Connections’. Here are a few pics which I think are suitable, showing the way we connect with one another over distances. Have you also noticed that many of your holiday photos have these strange lines across them, sometimes right across the middle of what you were trying to photograph?


Some have more lines than others.


Too many lines can definitely ruin a view.


I suppose it’s really important for a police station to be connected at all times.


The most humble of homes also need connections,


and even in Paradise, one needs to stay connected.


What would one do without a connection to the internet, even in the smallest room?


Also on the subject of connections, here’s a message I had on Facebook from my granddaughter Tamsyn, thanking you for all your good wishes and lovely comments on the blog I did for her 18th birthday. I thought you’d like to know how much she appreciated your kind words. Isn’t it wonderful how we can all connect with one another right around the world?

“So . . I read your special birthday blog that you did for me It was absolutely wonderful just wanted to say thank you so much. Couldn’t believe how kind people are with their comments and birthday wishes – I felt very special. I loved the photos, I’ve never seen that photo of you and I with my little ballet outfit on but it’s very sweet. Thank you again to you and granddad for making my 18th birthday so special . . and thanks to your lovely bloggers. x”

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