CBBH Photo Challenge: I Spy with my Little Eye

For this month’s CBBH challenge, Marianne has asked us the question, “What do you spy with your little eye?”

I’ve shown you many photos of things I’ve spied with my little eye,; sunsets, beaches, family, animals, so I felt I had to think of something different for this challenge.

When we visited Lucerne in Switzerland, a few years ago, this dying lion, carved out of a wall of sandstone rock, really caught my eye. It was designed as a memorial for the mercenary soldiers from central Switzerland, who lost their lives while serving the French king Louis XVI, during the French Revolution. Mark Twain once said of this ‘Lion of Lucerne’ monument, “It is the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world.” The inscription says, “To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss. ”


Here is the Apollo 11 command module and rocket at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral. What an amazing place to visit, and lots of wonders to spy with my little eye.


In front of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan is the Grand Army Plaza, and this statue really caught my eye. It’s a golden equestrian statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman, sitting astride his horse, with ‘Victory’ in front, her one hand holding a palm frond, and the other pointing the way forward.


My little eye also spied some amazing structures in Egypt. This is part of the magnificent Temple Of Isis originally constructed in Philae, but moved in the 1970’s due to flooding, after the completion of the Aswan High Dam, to a new island called Egilica. Even with modern technology and machines, it took nine years for this massive project to be accomplished. How on earth did the ancient Egyptians build such fabulous edifices using only the simple tools which were available at the time? There are many theories, but my favourite is that they must have had help from extraterrestrials. 🙂


A much more down to earth spy, is this man and his donkey cart, which I spotted one autumn day as we were driving along a country road here in South Africa.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the more unusual things I’ve spied with my little eye. and now it’s time to introduce you to my two CBBH featured blogs this month.

Cindy Knoke, who has a beautiful and very varied blog. Her photos are really outstanding. Her about page is headed “I blog, therefore I am.” I guarantee you’ll find many things to please your senses in her fascinating posts.

RoSy’s blog, “Sharing me, myself and I,” is also really interesting and varied. RoSy describes herself thus, “I have been told that I have an old soul. Perhaps that’s why I was born with grey hair.
I love life & try to be nice. But – sometimes emotions & others behaviors get the best of me.
Hey – I’m only human.” Now how could one resist such an intro?

Please pop in and say hello to them, and tell them I sent you. 🙂