Count down to Saturday. Delicious food and some Doo-Wop.

We are now into our last week here in Florida, and this time next week we’ll be on our way home to South Africa.

We had a really great weekend. On Saturday, we went to the pool and sat reading for a couple of hours. The weather was perfect and many people were enjoying themselves. We have a hot tub, as well as three heated pools here, and they are always in use. A week ago, the clocks were put forward an hour, so we have lighter evenings. I really wish we would do this in South Africa. It would be so pleasant to go for a stroll along the beach after dinner, but even in summer it gets dark so early, and unfortunately one wouldn’t want to go walking around after sundown.

On Saturday night, we went for dinner at the Oasis restaurant, and I’ve put some foodie pics in, just for my blog friend, ‘The Asian’.  Wink I started off with Wild Mushroom strudel which I didn’t take a pic of because I couldn’t wait to start eating. It was so delicious. My main course was Asian Beef Tips with Pad Thai; very yummy indeed.

Hubby opted for the Lamb Monte Carlo with veggies and Potatoes Dauphinoise.

To finish me off, I ordered a small “sugarless” Gelato with M&M sprinkles. When it arrived,there were so many M&M’s, which I’m sure added back all the sugar and then some. I ate them all anyway. Laughing

The Club chairwoman came over to our table to tell me that my alligator article will appear in the April edition of the magazine, and they will post me a copy to South Africa. She also suggested that I might help them with the writing of the magazine when we return in October. I’m not quite sure how much work that would be, but I’ll definitely have a go at it.

On Sunday evening we had another great show, which featured a singing group called “The Five Boroughs.”

They were formed in 1986 in South Florida by singer Frank Lovino, to carry on the tradition of the harmony vocal groups of the 1950s and 1960s, The group consists of five transplanted New Yorkers, all from different boroughs. They entertained us with wonderful close harmony renditions of many of the old ‘doo-wop’ songs such as that old Del Shannon hit, “My little runaway,” and “Rockin’ Robin,”  Bobby Day’s only big hit from the late 1950’s. The backing band were fantastic, with keyboard, drums, sax, bass guitar and lead guitar. I could have listened to them all night. What fun. I will really miss these shows and have been looking longingly at the lineup for the period we’ll be away. I wish I could be in two places at the same time, or could master the art of time travel.

Well I suppose I’d better start sorting out what I want to take with me, and get packing. The workmen are here and the job’s going very well. There are only two of them working away non stop, and they are very quiet too, except of course for the necessary noise of the machinery they’re using. I really approve of the work ethic here. In my experience, Americans work, and not only do they value their work, they also respect it. Smile

Chat again soon.