Jake’s Sunday Post: Mothers’ Day

What a super Mothers’ Day I had, even though I didn’t see either of my two children, who live, one in Johannesburg and the other in New Jersey. After heavy rain on Friday night and all day Saturday, Sunday dawned with lovely sunshine, so hubby and I were out of the house at 7am for a walk along the beach front.


There weren’t too many people out at that time, only a few dog-walkers, and I smiled as a young mom in running shorts, raced past us on the path, pushing her baby in a stroller. I wondered if she’d thoughtfully left her man to have a lie-in on her special day. 😕 I could smell delicious breakfast aromas coming from some of the hotel restaurants, and of course this made me rather hungry. We passed the Surf Lifesaving Club which serves delicious breakfasts, but it didn’t open until 8-o-clock, so we decided that we’d pop in on our way back.


We walked right to the end of the promenade, and once again, someone was sitting on our bench, so we just paused for a couple of minutes, watching a collection of dogs and their owners, having fun on the beach, before heading back.


By this time, there were more people out for a stroll, and when we entered the restaurant, there were a few diners who’d had the same idea. A glass of fresh orange juice went down very well whilst we waited for our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on rye. It was so delicious and only cost R39 which for my US readers, is the equivalent of $4.50. What a bargain!


Then it was back home, stopping along the way to chat to a few friends. This time, we didn’t take the path up to the village, as we had to get home in case our daughter phoned.


As you can see, we mostly had the path towards the lighthouse, all to ourselves.


After a lovely long conversation with our daughter, we put the finishing touches to the lemon cheesecake which I’d made for dessert, and then it was off up the hill to my sister’s house.


Lunch was a delicious Lasagne with fresh salad from my sister’s garden There were three of us moms there, and my lovely niece was also able to join us.


The huge tree in their garden is yielding an abundance of delicious avocados, and every time we visit, we’re given a whole week’s worth to bring home. Brother-in-law was wielding the extra long handled pruning shears, and hubby was playing catch underneath. 🙂


In the afternoon, our son called from New York, and I not only got to speak to him, but also the grandchildren, who enthusiastically wished me “Happy Mothers’ Day granny.” Their little voices are so precious to hear.

Later, back at home, I revelled in the wonderful perfume of the abundance of flowers which came my way with lots of love from hubby and my children. Can you imagine the smell of these lilies? I have so many in my beautiful bouquet, as well as a plant pot containing four more.


I also have masses of white gladioli and lovely pink roses,


as well as gorgeous red ones,


and delicious candy. I was very spoilt, but I’m not complaining at all. Would you? 🙂


So, that was my Mothers’ Day. How very blessed I am.

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Pics of our beach in Umhlanga Rocks, and the intruder in our Florida house. ;)

Hi there again. Here are a few pics taken on our walk today, and also from the beach just below our house.  The path along the beach front has been upgraded, and is looking really nice these days.

Here you can see Durban in the distance, and to the right, you might also be able to make out the huge stadium that was  built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

There were several people on our bit of beach, which is quite unusual except at holiday time. It’s mostly deserted, because it’s not safe to swim here, and there are no lifeguards. Sorry about the curved horizon, due to the wide angle lens. Smile

We were surprised to see that the sea has taken away a lot of the sand which had built up again, and there is now a steep ‘cliff’ to climb down to get to the water’s edge.

I counted sixteen ships waiting to go into the Durban harbour. I wonder what it must be like on these container ships, bobbing about for days on end in the same spot. I think I’d take a rowing boat, and go shopping at Gateway.

Before we left our home in Florida, hubby, a serious gadget-man, set up a remote-controlled camera, so that he can see what, if anything is going on in the house. Here it looks as though we have an intruder walking past my piano….well not really anything to worry about….

It’s the guy who pops in to check on the house every week whilst we’re away. Unfortunately I can’t see if Lizzie is basking in the sun, on the insect screen. I wish I could, ‘cos I miss her. We can also control the temperature and humidity from here, with another special gadget. How cool is that? Wink I had an e-mail from one of my friends, to say that the magazine with my alligator article has been distributed this month. I’m getting a copy sent in the post. Isn’t that so kind of them?

It’s sort of nice being back, but part of me is still over there. I think I prefer the lake and the birds to the sea and the monkeys. Tomorrow we are taking my mom up to Johnnesburg to see our daughter and family for the Easter weekend. There will be four generations of women in the house!

Have a great day everyone. Chat again soon.