Some of the wonders of my world.

My blog friend View from the Side had a weekend challenge, the theme of which is, “The seven wonders of my world.” I’m very late with my post, but as you know, I’ve been very busy practising and playing piano for penguins. 🙂

I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you some of the photos taken during my son and granddaughter’s visit to South Africa a couple of weeks ago, which feature some of the wonders of my world. Of course, the biggest wonder of all is that out of all the billions of people in the world, hubby and I should have found one another, and lived happily ever after for more than forty years. Actually, he deserves a medal, but don’t tell him I said so. 😉

Little Sienna really enjoyed walking on our beach, but insisted on taking her new “purse” along. I wonder what it is with us women and our purse fetish. 🙂

We spent a day at our ‘U Shaka Marine World’ in Durban. Check out the size of this reconstruction of a Megalodon’s jaw.  It makes Stephen Spielberg’s “Jaws” look like a picnic by the lake.

where we had great fun examining some of  the wonders of the sea.

I’m so glad I can see these rays without having to go diving around under the sea, so I wondered what that guy was doing in the tank with them. I wouldn’t be nearly as brave if that glass wasn’t between him and me.

What an absolute wonder is this underwater garden.

These purple jelly fish are also called ‘mauve stingers’ and I’m sure some of you have come across them on your beaches in the USA. I wonder what their sting feels like.

Now here’s someone I certainly wouldn’t like to meet in person. I wondered whether he thought I looked tasty through the glass.

This gorgeous star fish was stuck like superglue to the glass, and I wondered if he would ever move again.

We even found Nemo without really trying, so I wondered what all the fuss was about. 🙂

The dolphins performed wonderfully, just for us.

This one wanted the stage all to himself.

Afterwards, we had a very tasty lunch aboard this old wreck, and I wondered what this ship had looked like on its maiden voyage.

I wonder what this huge python is doing in the middle of Marine World.Sienna took quite a fancy to him.

Well, I seem to have exceeded the seven wonders I was allowed for the theme, so I’ll end here. Hope you enjoyed wandering through my watery post.