I can see clearly now ;)

Hi again everyone. Well here I am, rejoicing at the outcome of yesterday’s eye operation. Thanks so much for all your good wishes. I now have such amazing vision in my reading eye, that I can even read the classified ads in the local paper, and more importantly, the instructions on my eye drops bottle, which are written in miniscule type. I could never understand why manufacturers should have directions on bottles, which are impossible to read, and why these letters had been reduced in size over the years. Now I know, that it was not a conspiracy, just that my eyes were at fault. Smile

The procedure was painless and quite quick. The young anesthetist introduced himself as “Dr Savage,” which I thought rather an unfortunate name for a doctor. He was however, anything but savage, and so gentle with that needle, I could have kissed him. My eye surgeon, who goes by the nice gentle name of, “Carey,” looked really dashing in his surgical scrubs, favoring a sunny-yellow hat rather than the usual blue or green. I hadn’t been allowed to eat or drink since the previous evening, and of course, all the ads on the TV in the waiting area, were food ads, with one in particular showing some woman enjoying a huge bacon and egg breakfast. My tummy was rumbling, but I consoled myself with the fact that there would be a chicken mayonnaise sandwich and a glass of juice waiting for me after the op.

I was awake throughout the procedure, but thankfully, didn’t feel a thing. I just saw lots of bright lights flashing, but not so pleasant, was the feeling of water running over my face, into my right ear and trickling around the back of my neck to soak my hair. I had been really happy about the fact that I didn’t have to undress at all, but just put the gown over my jeans and T-shirt. I certainly could have done with a shower cap though, as when I was finished and wheeled back into the ward, It looked as though the right side of my hair had been under the shower. I was hoping that when hubby arrived with my handbag, I could at least comb my sodden locks into some semblance of a style, but that was not to be. He’d left it in the car thinking I wouldn’t need it. Men just haven’t a clue about how essential our handbags are to us women, in absolutely every situation.

Anyway, not to worry. When there’s a large plastic shield taped over one eye, who cares if the rest of you resembles Longfellow’s ” Wreck of the Hesperus.”

Hospitals are definitely not places to encourage any sort of vanity, are they? Pride of appearance flies out of the window as soon as you submit yourself to their mercy. It’s difficult to look glamorous, bare faced and wearing a hospital gown, and of course if half your hair is sopping wet, there’s just no hope at all. Embarassed

I went back this morning for a checkup, and he said that everything’s perfect. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to get the other eye done. I feel a little unbalanced at the moment, but it’s great to be be able to see without contacts or glasses. What miracles they’re able to perform these days. I’m so grateful to be living in this era of amazing medical technology, rather than to have to slowly go blind as my Gran did. I was also reading that in the ‘olden days’, a cataract op involved prolonged hospitalisation and total immobilisation, with the person having to lie flat on their back for two weeks. So I’m very fortunate to be up and about in no time at all, and able to sit here at my computer, writing to you all.

Have a great day, everyone. Chat again soon.