Weekly photo challenge: Movement #2

I’m so glad you all enjoyed my “Shamu” photo, for this challenge, and here are some more photos of a more personal nature, showing movement.

I rather enjoy hula hooping these days. I find it quite relaxing to do, and great exercise for the tummy muscles. In Punta Cana, I decided to show my little granddaughter how it’s done, and although I hadn’t done it since I was a child, I managed to get up to five hoops,

before they got the better of me. 😉

I got a photo from my son the other day. Now my little granddaughter is a couple of years older, she following in granny’s footsteps, or should that be “hula twirls.?” 😉

Here’s my belly dancing debut, and one and only performance, at a fancy dress party aboard a Nile cruise when we did our Egypt trip in the 90’s. I’ve posted it before, but thought it would also do for the “movement” theme.

Hope you enjoyed my movement pics.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Movement.  How do you show movement in your photos? This photo choice is a very deliberate show of movement through the camera lens and the blurring lights, but how else can you show movement of objects, or of the action that’s happening in your picture? 

Share a picture that means MOVEMENT to you!

I decided to share this “movement” photo for the challenge.

Here is the Orca (Killer Whale) which we saw at Sea World in San Diego. These amazing creatures can jump 10-15 metres into the air.