Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

When the going gets tough, the tough escape to the beach; at least that’s what happens here in Umhlanga. Today dawned bright, calm and sunny, after a rather dreary Friday. Of course hubby and I were keen to escape from the house and see what was happening along the beachfront. Imagine our surprise as we rounded the corner, and came upon this guy. He’d been running, and was now just cooling down. I asked if I may take his photo, and he obliged and did a couple more handstands. In the course of our conversation, I learned that he was an ex gymnast from Kosovo, and that during the war in the late 1990’s, he escaped to England. After getting his British passport, he came out to South Africa on holiday and decided that Umhlanga was the best place on earth, so stayed and bought a home near the beach. I have an even more amazing pic of him which I’m saving for this week’s Wordless Wednesday. He was really happy to have his photo taken, and asked me if I would e-mail them to him.


A bit farther along, someone had escaped from home, and was all setup for a day’s fishing.


This couple looked to be dancing in the surf.


You don’t have to be young to escape on a surf board,  just fit.


Riding the waves is a wonderful form of escape.



This also looks like a lot of fun.


Children love to escape to the beach and play sand pies.


Here at the lifeguards station, you can see the pole, which in an emergency, is the quick escape route down to the beach, just like in the fire stations.


For the adventurous, there’s deep-sea fishing and wave jumping on offer,


but if you just want to chill out, you can lay yourself down at the water’s edge, use your shoes as a pillow. and just dream the day away; that is until the tide comes in. 😉


I hope you enjoyed my pics for the Weekly Photo Challenge. To see more contributions, you can click on the link.