Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, has me wondering why we find everyday life in strange countries that we visit, far more interesting, and photo worthy, than we do our own everyday life. Do you think that a foreigner would bother taking pics of the never-ending digging up of verges along our stretch of road?

Maybe they’d find the necessity for this ugly security fence, really fascinating. 🙂

What could be more inspiring than a workday traffic jam in South Africa?

Wow, just look at this rubbish dumped by some odious person who couldn’t be bothered to drive to the dump!

I guess it’s just so nice to visit a different kind of everyday life, and that’s why we take vacations.

Wash-day in Lisbon, can be so picturesque, and worth a photo indeed. 🙂

Market day in Marrakech somehow seems far more exotic than at my local market.

Maybe it’s because we don’t see this sort of scene back home.

Our markets are far more sterile and well-ordered, and you don’t have to watch your step to avoid the donkey poo. 🙂 ( We all look as though we’re on a pilgrimage, with our heads bowed.)

We don’t usually go around taking photos of workers going about their daily routines at home, so why do you think that we do it on holiday?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t dream of going up to my local fish counter with camera poised at the ready.

And the mode of transport there, is much more photogenic than the SUV’s in the car park of my local mall.

No boring old truck  or  panel van for this merchant. He’s got his donkey loaded up to the hilt.

All these people are just going about their usual everyday business, and now here they are, displayed for you all to see, on WordPress. 🙂

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