A word a week: Zoom

Sue of ‘A Word in Your Ear’, has asked us to share some of our pics where we have used a zoom. I’m not very good at zooming in, unless it’s on an airplane to some exotic destination. 🙂 This morning, I was sitting on the sofa, perusing the blogs whilst drinking my mug of green tea, when I saw what looked like fire in the lake outside the window. “What’s that?” I asked hubby. He was drinking his coffee, reading the South African news on his laptop, and was sitting at the wrong angle to see what I could see, so I dropped everything…….gently, and went to grab the camera before the phenomenon disappeared.


I thought I’d like a closer shot, so fiddled with the zoom a bit, as a little duck paddled in to also have a look.


It obviously didn’t like what it saw, and quickly disappeared back to cooler, non-fiery waters.


My final attempt at zooming in on the burning water, yielded this pic, which I think is quite pretty.


All the while this was going on, Mr. Grumpy Blue Heron, stood passively staring into the distance, probably waiting for the fire to disappear before going in search of his breakfast.


When hubby saw the pics, he said that it was just the sun reflecting off someone’s window. I was disappointed with such a boring explanation, and my tea by this time, was stone cold, but I drank it anyway. The sacrifices we bloggers have to make! 😡

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