Thursday’s Windows – Week 7

It’s strange how one can pass by something beautiful, almost every day, without really seeing, or noticing it. Yesterday, as I was just about to swipe my access card, at the gym here, I looked at the door I was about to enter, and thought, “How gorgeous is that!” The  three glass panes are so lovely. I passed my iPhone to hubby, as he was much more likely to get the photo straight, so the reflection which you see is his.

I love this gym. There’s no-one there under fifty, and some of the people may even be in their eighties, but they are all having fun, keeping fit, and socialising like crazy. There was a Zumba class going on in one of the studios, several tennis games in progress just across the way, and a steady stream of golf carts passing the window. The best bit for me, was when the manager called across, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it, because you’re looking great.”  What an energy booster! 🙂

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