Monday Bird Blues for Ed’s challenge

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge, is ‘Blue’. He asks us to find something other that blue sea and blue sky, so I decided that the Great Blue Heron, the ‘King of the Pond’, would be quite a fitting subject. He’s almost always there when I look out, and has a few different guises, depending on his mood.

He can look sleek and very regal.


Sometimes he’s all fluffed up and looking very intense as he eyes his prey.


“Oh dear, I  just lost a feather; must be the stressful life I lead.”


Here, he seems to have somehow mislaid his long neck, and looks very grumpy about it.


He can also look as pleased as punch when he’s just caught the ideal-sized piece of sushi.


Which of his looks do you like the most?

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61 comments on “Monday Bird Blues for Ed’s challenge

  1. It’s not only his neck. He seems to have lost a leg in that one too. And I thought was terrible for losing things! 😉

    • Thanks, YC. Only about 3 metres for most of them. The one with the feather was taken from further away because the lake was in between us, and I wasn’t swimming across for a photo. 😀

    • Thanks, Heather. Yes, I think he enjoys all the attention. None of the neighbours pay any mind to him. They probably think I”m crazy, always out there snapping away. 🙂

  2. I just love these birds. I managed to capture a couple of nice shots of one on our recent trip to Lake Havasu. Love your photo with the feather flying 🙂

  3. I love to see Great Blue Herons as they are so elegant, so I will pick image number one as my favorite.

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