A Very Happy 8th Birthday Party

“There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.” ~ ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Lewis Carroll

It’s been quite a hectic weekend here in New Jersey, with hardly a moment to open my computer. Today is Sienna’s 8th birthday, and yesterday was her party.

Here’s the birthday girl, showing off her lovely warm coat from Granny and Granddad.


In the morning, there was a trip to ‘Party City’ to choose some balloons. As you can see, there was plenty of choice.


The weather was perfect, and the children had lots of fun out in the backyard.


There were quite a few contenders for a ride in the car,


and cousin Rilee showed some of her hula-hooping skills.


The adults seemed more interested in the barbecue, and we had lots of delicious food.


What a beautiful birthday cake!


Three puffs were needed to blow out all the candles.


Lots of presents were waiting to be opened, and her brother and sister were most interested to see what she’d got, as the loot will no doubt be shared with them.


I also bought her these two books by Suzanne J. Rogers, who blogs atΒ  ‘A Window into the Woods’, and in a short while, I’m going to school to read the story of Bob the horse, to the children in Sienna’s class. I’m sure they’re going to absolutely love it.


Tomorrow we fly back down to Florida, but I’m sure this lovely little family interlude will be remembered for years to come.

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  1. Wishing the birthday celebrant all the love and joy in the world. Of amazing , fun and exciting things ahead. Of loads of smiles, laughter and everything fun. You are blessed with such wonderful friends and family.

  2. That is such a chic coat! What a lovely party with so much fun happening. Lovely pictures ad, you always sound on your happiest when you’re in the USA πŸ™‚

  3. What a wonderful family celebration, with gifts and cake and balloons. It must have been a fabulous party. It reminded me of the parties we used to throw for our son….I always got carried away making up games which the kids loved to play πŸ™‚ happy memories.

  4. Beautiful!!! So glad she had a lovely day!!!! Xxxx
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  5. So sweet! I have a very similar photo of my daughter in a leopard coat almost 15 years ago. Love it and happy birthday Sienna !

  6. looks like it was an awesome day for everyone…Sienna looks so cute in her new coat…Happy Birthday to Sienna!!! Safe travels…

  7. Looks like such a happy time together … and that is a smashing cake!!! How wonderful to be reading those special books to the children too, so meaningful. Your post shows all the perfect components of a birthday celebration, from food, entertainment, family, gifts and cake … splendid!

  8. Celebrating life is what …life is all about!
    This past weekend we celebrated my bil’s 21st birthday. Seems like only yesterday he was the 4 year old ring bearer at our wedding. Boy – how time flies!
    Happy 8 & many more to Sienna πŸ™‚

  9. What a fun filled day ! Happy Birthday Sienna πŸ™‚
    AD am betting you loved the story time @ school too πŸ˜‰

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!! When I had read through the post about the wonderful birthday and admired the cake and the birthday girl from afar….I actually threw myself back in my chair! I was SO startled to see the books! Immediately after that, my eyes teared up! I JUST got home from visiting Bob where I spent an hour petting him and the other boys…I’d been in Florida for a week and he and Mac were especially glad to see me πŸ™‚ To think that you will be reading the book in school….I can only say how happy that makes me and I will tell Melvin, Bob’s “Dad.” He’ll be so proud!
    I still have little tears trying to escape…Thanks so very much AD xoxoxo

    You have such a wonderful family..you are richly blessed and so are they!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne. The children, all sitting on a rug at my feet, were enthralled with the stories and the photos. I told them all about you and your house at the edge of the woods, and the fact that you’d taken all the wonderful photos yourself, and they said, “Wow!” πŸ˜€ I was so happy that the books arrived this morning, just in time for Sienna’s birthday.

  11. How wonderful and Happy Birthday to her… wow both Suzanne’s books… won’t you adopt me please.?.. love the coat you got her… in fact ..what a lovely post

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